5 Senses

We all know that we have five senses.  It was one of the first lessons and most of us have all of them: taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch. But, could there be a sixth sense? And could that extra sense actually be the one where NONE exist? That is question I try and seek the truth too.

Let’s imagine a person who doesn’t have any of the 5 senses. They are sitting right beside you. Can you image that? When that person is sitting there do you think that they are at peace? Do you think they “think”?

In this example let’s try and have you do the experiment.  Ask yourself “Can I use each of my senses?” and go through them one by one. In your brain think “Can I taste something?” and you think, Yes. Yes, I can taste some slight sugar on my tongue.  Now think “Can I smell?” and you inhale a deep breath to smell the wet dog laying beside you (maybe). Now think “Can I see?” and you look down and see these letters. Now think “Can I hear?” and you hear some chatter on the television in front of you. Now think “Can I feel?” and you touch your right hand to your cheek and you know you can feel.

Now you got all of these wonderful senses let’s try and see if you can be without them. Yes, I said that. Try and eliminate all senses that are surrounding you. This is a very difficult task and I can’t image you will succeed your first time. But when you do, then you will be experiencing that sixth sense.

The sense greater than all of them is remarkable the exact opposite and it nothing, empty, zero, void. The greatest feeling one can experience is that one of mindfullness.


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