I found what I was looking for

It was 2011, that was the last time I actually found my way. Now, jump forward to the present day and now you know how long it has been.

Been? You say Been? But Been where? Exactly, WHERE is what I am looking for and I is what I want to find. That is why I am here then. To tell you my story. But story is a word that doesn’t represent the meaning I wish to convey. But, for all intentional purposes let’s use the word STORY.

When I first realized that “I” wanted to know who I (this shell of a body stick figure) was I had the most profound thought.  If “I” want to know who I is then that is 2…as in number two, 2. That made me realize that 2 is inside this shell. But two what? What? Another question to answer. I realize there are too many questions and not enough answers. That is what I am here to tell you.  I can show you the way to the answer. But it is not a physical place it is a ….This is the tricky part.  If you want to name, a none physical place, that must be just so magnificent on its own and you want to put a tiny little group of letters together to describe what would you want to tell is not the way to proceed.

So we need a simple “word”. Hmmmm….let’s see. How about Nevaeh? OK. Nevaeh is the none physical place that needs to be found.

There are two direct paths you can take to reach that destination.  Death or something even better. The something better way has to be the way all would want to get there. Be able to get there and still be alive is magical.

I now want to take the time to introduce you to “I” and “self”. Hello (visual a cute little wave.)

We (that means “I” and “self”) are on this journey together with you (hey you, the person reading this). Yea, I actually am making it a point to point (wink) out that YOU the reader are part of this “STORY”.  Jump in and make yourself at home within my very tiny of a world.  Even if it is for just a little cup of tea.

Now we are at the point where We tell you about why there is a We.  Remember I said that We are “I” and “self”. It’s easy to be We. It doesn’t require much thought. But when you actually begin to think…to think about Who am I and Why am I Here? That is a totally loaded question.  Makes the head shake on this shell.

We:  “I” and “Self”.  One is better, right? If so which one? And One of what? If it has to be One of something then it has to be a SOMETHING.

Ok, now this is going to go fast so pay attention.  I thinks that Self is better, but better than what? What, WHAT? Why does, I think it and not Self. One may think that I and SELF are better together. But as soon as you put them together they will begin to divide!

Always wanting to divide down to the smallest of smallest things (again, here we go with the work Thing…what thing??) down to atom, nucleolus, protons, newtons and just when you think you are at the smallest of small can go it is realized there is a smaller particle: The Quark. WOW! I’m not an educated scientist so this does BLOW MY MIND.

This only proves that when you think you are down to the absolute zero the thought begins that consumes all of this. It is with out end!

What we are all looking for is what We are trying to explain. There is nothing to look for.

So back to the title…I found what I was looking for… and the answer was NOTHING.

PS – I have more. There is more to this four little word Story. Wait and see.


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